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We Are An Ensemble

We're not here to morph into a kaiju or become a superpowered robot. We're about to use our powers on your company's brand and image to create, curate, and ensure that your company's branding and online presence is powered up.

About Us

We are Ensemble Digital Media that offers digital marketing services. Just like a symphonic orchestra, we’re made up of different instruments and we’ll create, curate, and ensure that your company’s branding and online presence is a masterpiece.

At Ensemble Digital Media, we understand that in today’s digital-centric era, success hinges on a potent blend of cutting-edge technology, data-driven strategies, and compelling creativity. Our dedicated team of experts comprises digital strategists, creative visionaries, data analysts, and tech wizards, all working in harmony to craft marketing solutions that transcend industry norms and drive unparalleled results.

Meet Our Team


The Supreme Sorcerer

Munif Ali, the 'Supreme Sorcerer' of the digital domain, conjures a realm where Ensemble Digital Media thrives amidst the industry's challenges. His enchanting leadership navigates through the complexities of digital marketing with an uncanny mastery over strategies and innovations. Munif's spells of sagacity and visionary insights enchant the digital landscape, solidifying his reign as a supreme, unwavering force in the ever-evolving digital universe.

Creative Director


Intuition Aptitude

Van's power of being able to quickly identify valuable and creative ideas without conscious thought allows him to direct and delegate the creative tasks to his team members. His creativity surpasses that of a mortal being.

Department Managers

Era - Social Media Manager

Social Cloaking

Era's ability to cloak herself and instantly assimilate into any society or social group allows her to be the best social media manager in the team, helping our brands and clients grow their accounts with haste.

The Lioness

Charlotte exists in all her glory as the fearless and empowered woman whose roar can be heard across departments. Just as the greatest hunter in the jungle is, this Lioness has a keen eye on the target and leads her pack towards success.
Rose - Video Editor


Rose's power to wrap reality and videos based on one's instincts, emotions, feelings, and desires helps her create captivating videos that call out to audience's wants and needs.
Raul - Web Developer

Web Master

Raul's ability to shoot interlinking webs that he can use to swing from one analytic page to another allows him to rule the internet. Furthermore, his SEO-weaving skills are exemplary.

The Cipher

He has the ability to decipher data from programming codes and turn this into a system. His ability helps him to develop simple ideas from plain text to system applications using his programming skills that could integrate business processes and system automation to help grow and provide efficiency in your business.


EDM - Rby

Mathematical Projection

Rby can project mathematical information into minds of others. His innate ability to understand the numbers and financial status of the company makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Graphics Team


Graphic Vision

LJ's power enables her to view regular things in different forms and dimensions, creating attention-grabbing images and designs that no mortal could have thought of.

Graphic Auxilium

Joseph has powers to create and augment designs based on thoughts who are need, also this powers amplify when used to support fellow comrades in times of countless designs are needed.

Social Media Team

About Arlene

Social Precognition

Arlene has the ability to see into the future that will save you from social media heartache. Maintaining a finger on the pulse is her key to futuristic forecasting and swift in the face of change and stay ahead of the curve.
About Ella


Ella's ability to metamorphose into the guise needed to meet the team's demands helps her team to reach their apex goal to provide the bestest service to their clients.


Lyka has the strength to multitask as a social media manager refers to someone who is able to manage multiple social media profiles at the same time with efficiency and creativity.

Video Team


Ocular Ascension

The ability to utilize special techniques through the eyes and transfer this power through videos with captivating visuals and moving graphics.

Writing Team



With the power to jump between topics and subjects throughout the cyberspace, he can reach all kinds of people and places with his witty dialogue and impeccable speech.

Inventive Fusion

With the skills to mix ideas and words in a way that makes stories incredibly engaging and imaginative, her writing takes readers on exciting journeys by blending different styles and themes effortlessly.
Precious - Script Writer


The ability to go through different ideas that transcend time and space and transform them into written content capable of influencing audiences through emotional, personal, and financial growth.


Raymond’s impeccable talent for research and writing makes him the perfect guy to persuade people in taking action. His mastery of words can help propel your business, marketing, and sales to unprecedented heights you never deemed possible

Development Team

Debugging Mastery

With the ability to see through the tangled webs of code, Gene possesses unparalleled debugging skills. He can effortlessly locate and eliminate even the most elusive bugs, ensuring smooth and flawless operation of any websites.



The Mentalist

The power of Rita's mind allows her to have a unique perspective and out-of-the box insight on the mysteries of digital marketing universe. Together with her exceptional creativity and inventiveness, she uses her powers to optimize the company's systems and processes.

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