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The 3 Biggest Marketing Opportunities for 2023


A new year is upon us. And with it comes a new set of fads and trends shaping the year 2023.

For businesses worldwide, whether physical or digital, these are the top 3 biggest marketing opportunities you have to watch out for if you want to stay relevant this year.

1. The Rise of A.I. or Artificial Intelligence software

Have you heard of ChatGPT? It’s the latest AI software that is taking the internet by storm. And many are right to fear because as this AI can help us, it is also possible to harm us, especially children and students.

In the online business world, there is a debate about whether this AI will replace people in the workforce.  It’s a scary thought. And the possibilities are endless.

But in our perspective, AI is a tool, not a takeover. It was created to help people, not to replace them. 

AI is changing how we write and create content, but it’s not a shortcut to building a brand that people like and trust. We still need to tweak what the AI produces to humanize the content and make it more personal and emotional.  

And although many are afraid to use them, AIs are actually easy and fun!

These are some of the things that AI can help you with:

  • They can make your video editing quicker
  • They can help with SEO
  • They can add subtitles to your videos
  • Bots and chat funnels can help you capture more leads and give your customers more timely support. 

2. Video Marketing will continue to be BIG in the years to come.

If you’re on social media (well, who isn’t?), then you probably know how effective video marketing, particularly short-form video, has become since the rise of TikTok. 

During the early months of the pandemic, people around the world were locked up inside their homes. With nothing to do, many quickly got bored and looked for means to entertain themselves. That is when many were instantly hooked to this short-form video-sharing platform.

Despite being launched in 2017 only, it’s now considered one of the fastest-growing apps in the world and defines how we do our businesses online. 

But if you plan to go big this year with video marketing, you need more than just short-form content.

Here are the types of video content that you can use and maximize for your marketing and business needs:

Short-form videos (TikTok, Facebook stories, Facebook reels, YouTube shorts, Instagram stories, Instagram reels, etc.)

These short-form videos have risen in popularity in recent years, and it has been used by businesses to fuel brand awareness and growth. It is excellent for marketing because these videos can become viral. But sometimes, views and followers do not necessarily mean customers. 

Long-form videos (Primarily, this is YouTube.)

For those who don’t know, YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users watch a billion hours of videos daily. Besides being the second-largest social media site, YouTube is often called the second-largest engine after Google, its parent company.

YouTube’s vast reach is the perfect marketing component for sharing your video content with the world.

And indeed, it is. YouTube’s video consumption increased. by 121% in the last three years. Not only that, YouTube is projected to have 2.85 billion users by 2025. 

Long-form video is where you actually deliver VALUE to your audience. Whether you make vlogs, tutorials, explainers, or video podcasts, make sure that your content will resonate with your audience. Also, consider whether your long-form video content matches your company’s brand and voice. 

LIVE video or live streaming (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.)

Live Video Marketing

Many don’t realize this, but live video is how you connect with your audience and retain them. 

With businesses and brands bombarding us with their products and services every day on social media, people tend to look for those with whom they can connect and engage on a deeper level. 

With live videos, you can do just that. You can conduct live Q&A sessions with your followers, product tutorials, educational content, or even behind-the-scenes footage of your brand. 

People buy only from businesses they know, like, and trust. And by using live videos, you can humanize your brand for your audience.

3. Community Building will be the BEST way to keep your customers.

In connection with keeping and retaining your audience and customers, the best way to do it is through community building.

By definition, community building is a practice directed toward creating or enhancing community among individuals within a regional area or with a common need or interest. 

community building

In online business, community building is a brand growth strategy centered around bringing customers together over a topic that is aligned with, or directly related to, a brand in an engaging and non-intrusive way that puts customers first. 

Simply put, it creates an environment where your customers engage with your brand while putting their needs first.

This is powerful because buying people’s attention online is increasingly expensive nowadays. That is why you need to develop strategies that focus on converting the people whose attention you already have. 

You foster long-term brand loyalty by continuously engaging with your followers, likers, subscribers, and group community members, which will benefit your business in the long run. 

Remember: “It is WAY easier to turn a customer into a repeat customer than to turn a stranger into a first-time buyer.”