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7 Reasons Why Content Marketing Helps Your Business

Content Marketing

Stories. That’s the thing that most brands and businesses focus on nowadays. In fact, you’ll find startup companies, local mom-and-pop shops, and worldwide conglomerates looking to tell their stories. They don’t want to give you a list of products and services. No, they want to tell you how these things can make your life so much better.

Because everyone loves a good story, it’s no wonder that content marketing is one of the most popular methods today. A survey from Content Marketing Institute showed that over 70% of marketers use it to reach their customers. In addition, the recent pandemic boosted the use of online content by over 200%! In other words, many companies find success in content marketing, especially since it’s surging in use and popularity.

However, what exactly can content marketing do to help your business? How does it work and why is it so effective? If you’re asking all these questions, here’s what you need to know about content marketing and its benefits!

What is content marketing?

Generally speaking, content marketing is all about using content to build interest in your company and brand. Its purpose is to get people’s attention and inform them about the products and services you provide. However, it’s more than telling someone what you do and how you do it. Content marketing can be told through informative stories, captivating articles, and eye-catching headlines. It’s about getting people to notice what you do and telling them why they need your service.

For example, there are hundreds of bakeshops that can give you loaves of bread. Some people might think that’s all you need to make a living. However, those people only care about what they need. Content marketing is about selling the idea and the sizzle that comes with it. That’s why there are ads about going into a bakery and falling in love as you buy their bread. That’s why there are articles about the importance of bread in your diet and lifestyle. In short, it tells your audience what your service is and how it can impact their lives.

What types of content marketing can I get?

Content marketing is a fun way of getting people to the work you do. Whether you sell paint or develop games, the right content marketing strategy can make your work stand out. Here are some ways that you can start content marketing now!


When you ask someone what content marketing is, the first thing that comes to mind is a blog. It’s no secret that blogs are a great way to market to your audience. With a blog, you can write all kinds of stories and content to organically grow your audience. Whether you cover a list of reasons to get a new house or a deep dive into digital marketing, blogs can be your lifeline.


What you write in a blog is as important as having one at all. For example, an electrical company can have a blog on its website. Through that blog, it can post several articles about common electrical problems and their solutions. It can also use it to spotlight its own services, like how its technicians are trained to handle blown fuses and power outages. The best part? With platforms like Medium and WordPress, you can start and develop your own blog for free!


Having a blog is a good and inexpensive way of promoting your stories and content online. However, they can only go so far into dissecting a problem. You wouldn’t want to read a financial analyst’s blog about stocks if it took half a day to get through. That’s why most blogs can be read and finished in ten minutes or less. If you want to appeal to a bigger audience and get your name out there, an e-book can be the answer!


With the digital revolution, e-books have become an easy way of making money and gaining interest online. By writing an e-book, you can show people how well you know and understand a problem. You can even use it to help others change their lives, whether it’s through their diets or their mindset.

For example, James Clear is a self-help expert who spent years analyzing and studying the power of habits. He used that knowledge to make the bestselling book Atomic Habits, where he goes into detail about how habits work and why they affect our lives. Each chapter covers a different aspect of habits, whether it’s how they start or what it takes to change them. It’s no wonder that people now look to him for advice!


Writing a blog or a book is always a good way to keep people informed. However, it’s not the only medium for content marketing. Many websites today rely on videos to market their products. Sometimes, it can be a funny short or ad that highlights their brand and purpose. Other times, it can be an informative video essay all about the services they provide.

How you use a video to market your product can also depend on your identity. Some companies like to be relaxed, down-to-earth, and straightforward with vlogs and shorts. Others can be more technical and detailed, with YouTube playlists on solving different problems and concerns. The best thing about a video is that it meets more than one sense in your body. You can see what is happening on screen, hear the words of the narrator, and even feel the sincerity of their message.


It’s not always easy for companies to reach out and relate to their audience. Sure, they provide the right services and products, but that doesn’t always feel like a sincere move. Many companies might be recognized only by the brand name, instead of what they do or how they behave. If you want your business to feel more real, an interview is a great way to start!


Interviews can be an exciting way for customers to learn about the company they support. By going on record and revealing the behind-the-scenes mindset, it can help people understand and sympathize with your story.

For example, this video by EDM founder Munif Ali is a tell-all story about how he grew up and how he became the self-made millionaire he is today. It’s an interview in that it reveals his humble beginnings and how the hardships in his life, such as growing up in the projects, built his character. It’s not just a video about who he is; it’s also a message about where he started and what he plans to do with that knowledge!

Case studies

If an interview by the company and its staff is good, how about a story from the customers themselves? A case study focuses on that. Through a case study, your audience can learn how your service has changed and improved someone’s business or life for the better. It’s a testimonial that tells other customers that you are true to your word. In short, it’s a way to show people that you deliver on your promises.

To highlight this, imagine that you read a story about a coffee shop customer who burned their tongue and pressed charges. Even if you don’t know the name of that shop, you’re going to think twice before buying into their business. It might even scare you off from buying any coffee for a while.

Now, imagine that you read a different story, about how a coffee shop taught customers how to brew their own coffee at home. Not only does that sound interesting, but it also shows that the shop cares about its clients. It’s not just a matter of business and money; it’s also about reaching the people that make their work worthwhile. With that kind of story, wouldn’t you want to be part of that group, too?

How does content marketing help me and my business?

Now that you know how content marketing can happen, it’s time to learn what makes it so important. Content marketing can do a lot for your company, whether a startup or a multi-generational shop. Here are some benefits you gain once you use content marketing!

  1. It shows people what your business can do.
    Content marketing can be a fun and engaging way to tell people about your business. It can cover different topics about your line of work, from negotiations to service. What makes content marketing so eye-catching is its ability to focus on stories and relatable moments. For example, a car dealership can write an article about its founder and how he or she built the company from the ground up!
  2. It promotes organic growth in your audience online and offline.
    Articles, vlog posts, case studies, and the like can all help your audience grow in size. With captivating content, you can turn any random user online into a loyal customer. Sometimes, this happens because your company’s services fit their needs perfectly. Other times, they could be swayed by your expertise on the problem or product. Thanks to the power of search engine optimization (SEO), you can even pinpoint the kind of audience you want. For instance, a handyman company in Phoenix, Arizona can use its articles to get new clients from nearby towns or states.
  3. It lets you build your brand on your own terms.
    Content marketing has the beautiful advantage of helping businesses build their own brands. Whatever articles or videos you choose to post will work into shaping the image you want. For instance, you can highlight the eco-friendly and waste-free methods of your service. You could also focus on how fast and how well your products get made. You might even emphasize the way you do business with your customers. What matters is that it fits your vision. With content marketing, you have the power to tell and redefine your story.
  4. It highlights your creativity and awareness.
    Thanks to the digital age, where photo editing and “meme” culture are popular, it pays a lot to be creative. That’s why content marketing is always about finding innovation or working outside the box. After all, anyone can write an article and still struggle to grow an audience. If you want to make your mark, you need to find topics and stories that separate you from the pack. It’s a tough challenge, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Sometimes, even a short GIF can go viral and raise your stock from a handful of customers to the thousands.
  5. It improves your ranking online, especially on search engines.
    Speaking of raising your stock, content marketing is all about getting recognized. The content you make can help you become more popular, making it easier to find and visit your website. To do that, you’ll need to improve your ranking on search engines. That’s why SEO is so important in content marketing. The right keywords can help people cut through the clutter and find the service they need. If you can get their attention with those words, you’ll be able to gain a new customer.

    For instance, imagine that you are a coffee shop owner that is trying to gain more customers online. If you start posting articles about coffee, you might try to insert important keywords to make them more meaningful. By adding simple words, like the name of a nearby town or state, you boost your ranking up. It might take a while to get people to notice, but with the right keywords, you could become the center of attention.
  6. It’s a cost-effective way of promoting your brand.
    Promoting a company doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg anymore. With the internet and services like WordPress or Grammarly, you can start writing your articles right now! Better yet, you can quickly learn all the do’s and don’ts of content marketing online.

    In addition, marketing your company through the internet can get you so much reach without wasting cash. According to Mayple, 96% of all mobile users search on Google. It’s the main reason why so many companies work hard to get their articles ranked on the first or second page. Furthermore, social media marketing has become a popular medium that companies use to promote their services, with Facebook the highest at 69%.
  7. It builds trust between you and your audience.
    Ultimately, writing content online isn’t only about getting someone’s attention. Whatever you choose to post or publish is also going to show your intentions. The best kind of content is the one that convinces people how serious you are. Anyone can write a blog about fixing a broken gutter, but a true marketer uses it to show people how trustworthy a company is. Does your company pride itself on its careful service, making sure that the customer is 100% satisfied? If so, content marketing can help you highlight that sincerity for the world to see!

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